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Welcome to Eireann Dance Academy

Passion for Irish dance and music.

With our passion and under the professional guidance of Nathan Baillieul and his team, we get the best out of every dancer.
Your child can come to us from the young age of 4-5 years. The younger one starts, the more the movements are in the body.
Children as well as adults of all ages are welcome to learn Irish dance.
More information about the dance groups can be found here.

Ambition or relaxation?
Irish dance has always been an energetic dance form. Competitions are a part of Irish dance.
We motivate children to participate in competition so that they have something to work towards.
This is often a whole and positive experience for children and part of growing up.
However, not everyone is in favor of this and participating in competition is certainly not an obligation.
Adults, in particular, are not always a fan of competition dancing.
Everyone is welcome to learn Irish dance with us.

We are affiliated with the umbrella organization RCCEA : Regional Council of Continental Europe and Asia :
RCCEA is a subsidiary of the worldwide organization CLRG : An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha | The Irish Dance Commission

Friends and partners

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